The compliant and honest behavior of our employees forms the foundation of our daily actions.

We are convinced that our company can only gain and strengthen the trust of employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and the public with lasting, reliable integrity and compliant behavior. Our goal is to become a role model in terms of integrity and compliance. In this way, we want to strengthen trust in our company and our products and maintain the integrity of our company in the future.

Acting with integrity is firmly anchored in our Corporate Strategy Brose Sitech 2025+. It is equal to the quality of our products, our financial indicators and the satisfaction of our customers. By implementing our ambitious integrity program and corporate values, which provide guidance for the daily actions of all employees, we are ready to face future challenges.

The aim is to improve the understanding of integrity and its importance as a basis for the entrepreneurial actions of all employees and to create a culture in which acting with integrity is not only consistently possible, but also self-evident. Only in this way can we achieve to promote the constructive handling of errors, to increase the transparency of corporate decisions and to strengthen the courage of employees to tackle potential risks and problems with superiors.

Integrity is a central element of professional behavior for us, and this is the only thing we strive for: to do the right thing in a certain situation.

Integrity must act as the basis of entrepreneurial action at all levels. This means that integrity is a mandatory criterion for all management decisions: each draft decision must contain an opinion of the responsible department on how the desired decision and its consequences are consistent with the integrity and compliance of the company. Possible integrity or compliance risks must be identified, as well as ways to reduce these risks.