Around 2,300 Brose Sitech employees produce seating sets ("carsets") and seating system components at two production sites in Germany.

Brose Sitech GmbH develops and manufactures complete seating systems, seat structures and components as well as interior solutions. Almost 2,300 employees manufacture car seat components and complete seats in our two plants. For us, the priority is that you as a customer are satisfied. Our employees do everything they can to ensure that the products offered meet the highest quality standards.

The seat production is real manual work: From the seating system, foam upholstery and the covers, the seat is manufactured at various stations exactly in the equipment variant ordered by the customer. As a luxury version, for example, also with electric seat adjustment, seat heating and leather upholstery, as well as a standard model. In the last step, the complete seating set is delivered directly to the assembly line.

Headquarters Wolfsburg - Seat Development Center

Brose Sitech GmbH
Stellfelder Straße 46 / 38442 Wolfsburg

Location Wolfsburg

Brose Sitech GmbH
Stellfelder Straße 48 / 38442 Wolfsburg

Brose Sitech Development Center Heinenkamp
Hohenbüchen 3 / 38444 Wolfsburg

At Germany's largest Brose Sitech plant in Wolfsburg, around 1,800 employees produce up to 3,800 complete seat sets ("carsets") for the Volkswagen Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Tiguan and Touran models every day. The corresponding production information for this is retrieved with a lead time of four to five hours.

  • Factory opeing
  • 2001
  • Number of employees
    ca. 1800
  • Processes
    assembly, development

Location Emden

Brose Sitech GmbH
Frisia Park
Dieselstraße 15 / 26723 Emden

At the Brose Sitech site in Emden, around 440 employees manufacture the seating sets for the Passat and Arteon. Furthermore, the instrument panel, the centre console and the outer sills for the two vehicle models will be picked and partially pre-assembled at the site.

  • Factory opening
  • Number of employees 
    approx. 440
  • Processes